Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Why Choose Dental Implants?

There are many options to fill in the gaps in your smile, but dental implants are a great way to aesthetically and functionally mimic natural teeth. Implants look and function like natural teeth and can support crowns, bridges, and full dentures. At Walker Square Dental, we provide implant dentistry to offer the most dependable teeth replacement option.

What Makes Implants Different?

Implants are a fixture that replaces a missing tooth. Unlike bridges and dentures that rest on top of teeth or gum tissue, implants form an attachment to the jaw bone. The base of an implant is a small screw that is surgically placed at the site of a missing tooth. The restoration that is attached will look and feel like a natural tooth. Implants do not move around and are able to work as naturally as real teeth.

Implant placement and restoration procedures can be simple, and with the help of our qualified dental team, our patients can enjoy the entire implant planning, placement and restoration process. Once tissues have healed from the implant surgery, our doctors look over the implant to ensure it meets your expectations and we are available to answer questions you have about upkeep.

Caring for your New, Implant-Supported Teeth

Patients are advised to care for implant as though they were natural teeth to ensure the longevity of their restorations. All aftercare of implants, including regular cleaning and maintenance procedures, will be discussed at the post-surgery visit. This is done to ensure the longevity of your investment in a more beautiful smile.

Implant Questions? Contact our Dental Office!

Our talented dental team can perform implant restorations to suit your needs, no matter how many teeth you may be missing. Any type of pre-implant treatment, such as bone grafting or sinus lift, is discussed at the preliminary implant consultation. We ensure the best treatment plan for you to provide you with a healthy and beautiful smile that lasts a life time.  Please stop in at our Dover office for any questions about implant surgery and restoration.

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